Santander Consumer Finance
0843 487 3418

"Please call the number above for immediate connection"

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Santander is the loans partner of various high street retailers. Through their trading name Santander Cards UK Limited they offer credit cards and loan arrangements for customers of DFS, Comet (until 2012) and other major retail chain as part of a Buy Now Pay Later agreement, enabling customers to buy products on credit and repay the cost by Direct Debit over a period of several months or years.


Generally, if you have a complaint or query about the status of your repayment agreement or direct debit arrangement you should contact Santander directly on their customer service contact number 0843 487 3418.


If your monthly direct debit payments are no longer going through even when there’s money in your account, this may be because a monthly payment has failed previously so the direct debit contract has been cancelled by the retailer (eg DFS) in which case you’ll need to contact them to confirm the situation from their site and re-setup a direct debit if required.

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